Tinitell Can Tell Time - Watch Feature Now Released

It’s 4:45 p.m. in Stockholm, Sweden and we have just released the Tinitell Watch Feature for all current and future Tinitell users. 


What's new: Tinitell will now say the time out loud and also show the hour and minute with LED lights. Just press and hold the minus (-) volume button on your Tinitell for 2 seconds and it will say the time like this: “It’s 4:45 p.m.” and the LED lights will light up at the same time. You can release the minus button after 2-4 seconds; if your Tinitell won't tell the time like this, please email us to hello@tinitell.com


At Tinitell we want to keep things simple and make it easy for kids to learn time step-by-step, this is why Tinitell will tell the time with fractions every 5 minutes. 


Here's a short demo:



Now, it's time to update your Tinitell's software! You can find the instructions on how to perform the software update here.


Happy Talking!

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