Recommended mobile operators for Tinitell

Tinitell is a 2G (GSM) mobile phone and it works with any Micro SIM Card from a carrier with 2G coverage. If you already have a family subscription plan or a favourite operator, please contact them to check their 2G coverage and services.


We have tested a number of operators to make sure that Tinitell will work fine in your country, so please follow this reference list of recommended operators per country. We will constantly update it, according to our tests and your feedback.


US customers: When you order Tinitell via our website, you receive your device with a pre-installed micro SIM card from Ting. Ting offers flexible monthly rates, the best Tinitell compatible subscription and strong network coverage in the USA. Your monthly cost for Tinitell with Ting will be around $9 - $12 / month.

All US orders will come with a pre-installed Ting SIM card that we recommend using with your device; however, should you wish to add Tinitell to your family plan, you can easily remove it and use a SIM card from your preferred carrier. 

We are also looking into establishing SIM card deals for other European countries and the rest of the world.

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